Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Give Thunder Its Due

Give Thunder its due.
The ancients knew
Thunder has its own will,
not an aside, mere detail of the heavens. 

The wind rents the sky
drawing the eye
to cathedrals above,
vaulted chambers of light shifting and alive. 

Naves sculpted of clouds,
arches allow
colored rivers of light,
the sky more beautiful than any stone church. 

Give Thunder its due.
The ancients knew…
Leave sanctuary walls,
breathe the glory of the sky, touch the heavens.
copyright Maria Amodei 2013

August Rest

The glorious days of June and July,
so generous with sunlight.
First light draws you awake to work, then chores.
Driven by opportunity till dark brings you inside
To rest… too late

August wants the brilliant excess,
yet seems somehow kinder.
Dusk sweeping you in the door to rest for tomorrow.
Like a mother puts a child down to nap.

copyright Maria Amodei 2013