Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Season is ending

It was a very anticlimatic end for this year's trial season. Song and Fina were both running better and better as the season went on. Fina had not qualified for the finals, but Song had. Then Song pulled a muscle in her right hind just 3 weeks before VA. Though I was relieved that it was an injury with an excellent prognosis with rest and rehab, my season was over. There are only a few trials in the northeast now with the finals having dominated the month of September and the season winding to a close.

Song is recovering well, but won't be running again till Nov/Dec, which really means she won't trial till spring. There are a couple trials I hope to attend with Fina and maybe Levi.

Fina looks like she may be a real star, quite a change from the dog I ran this spring, retiring almost every run. Levi, well who knows with Levi. He is my best farm dog right now, serious, sensible, and plenty of power. I have two good Open dogs so there is no rush for Levi to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. Gust was sticking terribly on the drive this summer, completely unwilling to work between me and the stock. On the fetch she comes like a freight train, driving a ewe into my knees and leaving me in a knee brace for a few weeks while my MCL regained it's original shape. I confronted the discomfort coming between me and the stock and got inside flanks on her. Now little by little she's settling into a good drive.

The last of the pigs and lambs leave within 3 weeks. The winter hay is in. Soon the hay fields will all be cut for the end of year outrun training and long drives. Unfortunately by the time Song is ready to go the snow will be on the horizon. Hopefully we'll get a bit of December training before we ice over for another year. Gust, Fina and Levi will benefit from being able to stretch out.

Vesta leaves soon for NJ to manage a flock of 150 Churros. That will keep her busy and happy as she'll be a companion as well. It looks to be the perfect match where she'll be both loved and very useful.

Fina should come in season soon. I plan to breed her this season though I've still not chosen a male. Most of the ones that attract me are far away. Hopefully she will peak at a time when I'm available for several days to get her where she needs to go. If not, there are some good closer options that will move up the preference ladder based on my schedule.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Spaghetti Pigs

Pigs are fun. My neighbor brought up a 5 gallon bucket full of tomatoes from his garden for them. He dumped them in their paddock. They saw him come with the bucket and were circling around, curious as always. Once the tomatoes hit the ground they were on them, slopping them up joyfully. Then they lay down and rolled in them, while continuing to eat them. Life is good when you've can enjoy a tomato spa and the flavor of fresh tomatos all at the same time. I wonder if the tomatoes felt like those massage balls rolling on their backs? Or maybe this is the pig version of popping bubble wrap? Perhaps they were making tomato sauce?

I'm down to 3, the older 3 are already gone. 2 are on the opening menu at the Journeyman Restaurant in Somerville, MA. The ones that left were the full Tamworths, big red pigs.