Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Wheelbarrow

I sit on the cold pavement of the drive
surrounded by tools,
wishing a third hand to hold the braces
while I work the bolts.
Fix it, there’s joy in good tools. 

When this wheelbarrow began its decay
I bought another,
Bigger, with two wheels, and a plastic bed.
Why try to recover?
Save it, there’s purpose left. 

I took it apart, cut new wood braces,
painted the steel bed.
But for a wheel and new bolts it was set,
yet lost in the shed.
Find it, there’s use in the pieces. 

I would notice the collection of parts
on the shed floor,
Waiting for me to finish, make it whole,
make it work once more.
Finish it, there’s always need for tools. 

A trip to buy bolts, order a new wheel,
oil the thirsty wood,
Cut old bolts and wrestle parts into place,
the tool now stood.
Build it, there’s growth in the process. 

The fix defies the death of disposal.
Building from discards
allows a longevity of purpose
to which we aspire.
Create it, there’s a whole in the parts. 

There are years left in this wheelbarrow now.
I’ve made it complete.
The lines of the braces are not so true
But sturdy like me.
Use it, there’s joy in good tools.

©Maria Amodei Feb 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Night Run

I just got back from a wonderful 4 mile run in the dark. By the time I finished work, cleared the driveway, and did sheep chores it was dusk. But I'd put the sled on the roof racks, loaded my gear and brought the entire team when I went to check sheep. My heart was committed. So I decided to try a local paved rail trail.

It was glorious.  Winter had dropped over the trail.  The route is not well maintained, trees leaning over the way heavy with snow draped like wedding veils.  Running with a headlamp the backdrops came upon me suddenly then were gone, lost in the silence behind us.  The snow was still falling, reflecting the beam of my lamp.  Snow filled fields and woods alongside the trail returned every lumen.  Softly visible they drew the eye. 

The dogs wore LED collars making it easy to watch how they were working, and they were working well.  It was heavy going.  After the first road crossing, I came to some trees downed across the trail.  I almost turned for home, but saw a bit more clear way after so took a bit of time to break a way around the obstacles.  I decided to turn for home before the second road crossing, but after ducking under a silvery tunnel woven of trees draped over the trail I saw the lead dogs were already on the shoulder.  We continued across for another stretch. 

I turned around reluctantly.  My dogs are not that fit and the heavy snow made hard going.  The return trip lacked the magic of surprise.  The trees we’d brushed through were now taller having lost their snowy load.  The dogs settled to a moderate pace and worked strongly to the end.

I did not have my GoPro which does well with night.  I did what I could with the iPhone, but given the regular need to duck behind the handlebars as we pushed through the heavy powdered trees I could not keep it out.