Thursday, February 12, 2015

7 Stages of Winter

  1. SNOW, SNOW! Look it’s beautiful!
  2. More snow, great! We’re getting a good base down so we can go out and play on the trails.
  3. Look at the snow in the trees, just lovely. I think I’ll take a break from shoveling to look at the snow in the trees.
  4. Wow, more snow. Certainly a banner year for snow. After clearing the drive and gates I’ll take some ibuprofen and go out and have fun in the snow....
  5. Well we certainly are getting a great base. Drive cleared again. Not sure where I’ll put the next batch of snow as the banks are over my head.
  6. This last storm was certainly more than we needed. The snow thrower is throwing snow up the banks then it rolls back down onto the drive.
  7. Oh f@*k it’s snowing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The dogs were vindicated today. For years they have been trying to tell me that sheep need a Border Collie to drive them to feed. Today it was true. The hay trailer was empty. I'd opened another trailer over a small hill through deep and heavy snow. Today the sheep needed a Border Collie to drive them to feed.