Tuesday, July 21, 2015

On Your Mark, GO!

I took the dogs swimming today.  I have not been swimming Chord while she was busy with motherhood.  Rather nice not having her along since she’s my wildest swimmer.  While Chord was off the swim team I added in young Ike, Poe and Etta.  The energy on the shore while I'm strapping on life vests then opening the gate is unbearable on a good day.  Today I added Chord back in, another voice against reason.  I was swatting various barking dogs with spare life vests.  Then came the worst part, turning my back to the water crazed horde to open the gate.  Of course the chain was stuck.  At this point some dogs were screaming like air raid sirens and some were simply barking like fools.  Unable to bear the din I ended up breaking a big leafy branch off a bush to use as a weapon.  It was complete with some sort of little fruits that went everywhere when it made contact.  I thwacked a couple more dogs and pummeled the ground by my kayak, filling the boat with little hard fruits.  I finally managed to get the gate unlatched while the dogs were kept to a low whimpering and yapping. 

They are still bad at the end 20 minutes later, with some dogs willing to come out to be disrobed, but then plunge back in practicing their dock dog leaps.  It takes constant reminding to get them back to shore again.  Last time Poe thought perhaps the recall was optional.  He was somewhat shocked to learn I will dive in that skanky pond to get a teenage pup who misunderstands the requirements of life.  He was even more shocked to learn that I can out swim him even wearing jeans and a T shirt.  All those years of swim team are coming in useful.

They are just as bad when hitching up to the dog sled.  At least when going swimming I'm not trusting them with my life.

People sometimes comment how well behaved my dogs are.  I don’t mention the canine riots that occur on a regular basis.