Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Life, Death and Weather

Life, death and weather do not care about time. 
Saturday my mother's older sister Marlene died. Though she was not young, this was unexpected. Marlene was a tough and difficult woman who had a hard life. A single mother, she worked three jobs and put her son Bob through school. She made sure he kept to a path of education and hard work. He did her proud, an accomplished professor at University of Chicago. A loving son who grew up to understand and appreciate what she had given.

Marlene wasn't easy, but she could laugh. She and mom shared much time exchanging stories and laughing on the phone. 
We went to Erie, the spread family together for weddings and funerals. It has been a long time. Bob's son and daughters have grown from the children I last met to kind and fascinating people. At the service I passed the family ring, that had come from my grandmother to me, on to Bob's eldest daughter Elizabeth. The ring meant a great deal to Marlene. It was right that it go to her oldest granddaughter. I had told Marlene of this decision years ago.

The drive home sampled most every type of winter weather you don't want to drive in. Torrential rain, ice, gusty wind, fog. Bless the highway teams treating the roadways and the other drivers who prioritized life over schedule and drove accordingly. Because life and death and weather don't care about time.

Home, to my animals who were cared for by so many good friends on short notice. 
Take your time, love your family and your friends. Schedules have their place, but well after taking care of ourselves and one another.

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